Services - Marriage Commissioner

Marriage Commissioner Randall Edge performs wedding ceremony services for the solemnization of marriages within the boundaries of the City of Regina, Saskatchewan (which is the area he has been appointed to provide service to.  Randall's appointment by the Saskatchewan government is for Regina. For this reason Randall does not normally accept bookings in areas surrounding Regina as there have been Marriage Commissioners specifically appointed for these areas.  In order to perform such services Randall is obliged to consult with the Marriage Commissioner appointed in that area.  (As a result Randall does not normally provide services to locations such as Balgonie, Bethune, Central Butte, Condie Park, Craven, Bethune, Lumsden, Fort Qu'Appelle, Kipling, Lebret, McLean, Montmartre, Moose Jaw, Pilot Butte, Regina Beach, Saskatchewan Beach, Sherwood Forest, Truly Unique Weddings, or White City) Thank you.
Note that Randall is also a member of the Canadian Disc Jockey Association and is able to provide the music for your wedding ceremony if you wish.
All appointment bookings are made on a preliminary basis.  To secure a booking, Randall does not require a deposit to confirm a booking but does require a booking couple to complete and fax a MA-1 information form to his fax at 855-365-2144 or by scanning the document and sending it to his email account at  This is the only way to change your booking from a preliminary to a confirmed booking.  RPS does reserve the right to cancel any booking which includes any bookings involving a payment of a deposit and there will be a 100% refund of such deposits.
The basic fee for a Marriage Solemnization ceremony:  $105.00 (including GST) per ceremony performed (which includes the cost of a wedding rehearsal as well).  Randall's service is provided through his registered company RandallEdge Professional Services (RPS).  Please provide the payment in the same envelope that contains the original marriage license form when Randall arrives on wedding day.  Randall must be given the original marriage license form before the wedding ceremony can be performed. It is requested that the final payment for Randall's services be placed in the same envelope.  This approach will avoid the awkward issue of dealing with the issue of payment after the wedding service is complete and when most couples need to be wisked off for their wedding pictures. (There is no charge for mileage for ceremonies within the boundaries of Regina)
Most wedding ceremonies are conducted at locations that are provided by the wedding couple. Should you not have such arrangements yet made; please refer to Randall's web site for a listing of alternative locations. Couples desiring to book weddings in locations that are out-of-doors are cautioned to prepare to cope with issues like rain and wind storms.  Having a widely known alternative location for the wedding service (in case of rain) just makes good common sense.  Consider advising your wedding guests of the alternate location (in case of rain) right in the text of the original wedding invitations.

Randall suggests that when the weather is sunny, that the Rotary Park is ideal for small intimate wedding ceremonies.  The park is located at Albert Street at Regina Avenue.   In the fall, winter and early spring, couple consider making use of the Atrium public space (Noon to 5pm on Saturdays) at the McKenzie Art Gallery (3475 Albert St, Regina, SK).  In order to use this space it is suggested that you visit the security desk beforehand and they will login the day and time you are looking for. These settings are perfect for wedding pictures and is available year round for booking. 
Under the requirements of the Marriage Act, 1997, the couple to be married should avoid the consumption of intoxicating beverages (etc.) prior to the conduct of the marriage ceremony. The couple should possess the ability to speak and comprehend the English language in order to understand the legal nature of the marriage vows. The Act also stipulates that the timing of marriage ceremonies between the hours of 10pm and 6am (22:00 to 06:00) should also be avoided. The couple is expected to provided two witnesses for the ceremony, both of which are eighteen years of age or older.

Randall is a member of the Canadian Disc Jockey Association

Randall is pleased to announce that he is a member of the Canadian Disc Jockey Association.

What does this mean?  Well, for one thing, with this membership comes a registration with Connect Licensing.  As a licensee with CONNECT music licensing,  Randall has obtained the Standard "All-in-one" licence to store, organize and publicly play music for events such as wedding ceremonies.  The licensing fees paid support Canadian musicians and artists and are prescribed under Canadian copyright law. So if you need to have Randall organize the music that brings in the wedding party and then the bride....he can do so.  If you want Randall to entertain your guests before and after the wedding service....he can do so.  If you want Randall to provide the entertainment for your guests during and after your reception....he can do so. Randall is also please to announce that he has the technical ability and equipment to provide DJ services.  His 800 watt Behringer PMP system works well in virtually any setting whether in or out of doors.  Randall' music library is now replete with over 8,000 song titles and continues to grow every day with a wide genre of music choices that include:

  • Easy Listening
  • Top 40
  • Soft Country
  • Dance Country
  • Smooth Jazz
  • Electronica Dance
  • Disco Dance
  • Big Bang / Swing Era
  • 50's Rock
  • 60's Rock
  • 70's Rock
  • 80's Rock
  • 90's Rock
  • Glitter Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • R & B
  • Romantic
  • and more
All music is carefully vetted to exclude music with profane lyrics and that is appropriate for audience members of all ages.  Randall even take's requests! Randall....the JP....who can now also serve as your DJ!

Weddings - The Wasakaw Pisim Room - Native Health Centre at Regina General Hospital

Most of us here in Regina have not set foot inside the Native Health Centre at Regina General Hospital.  Today I was asked to perform my first wedding service in the Wasakaw Pisim, which means Circle of the Sun room at the Native Health Centre. It is a distinctive place to meet and reflect.  The quietness.  The serenity.  The circled room has standing room for 30 persons and sitting room for another 30.  The Wasakaw Pisim room is accessible right from the main lobby area of RGH.  Just enter through the front doors at RGH and the Native Health Center entrance doors are literally the first doors on your right as you enter the lobby.  It is one of Regina's wonders and one of its best kept secrets.  The Wasakaw Pisim room is available to book and is available without charge.  For more information contact:

Native Health Centre
Phone Line: 306-766-4155, Fax: 306-766-4318.
Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8 am - 4:30 pm
Service Website:

Notary Public Service, Regina, SK

Randall W. Edge, Notary Public, Regina, Saskatchewan offers notarization services after 5:00pm.  Randall is accepting appointments, even on an emergency, as a way to provide more accessible services to his clients.  Just call Randall at 306-500-1702 to book an appointment.  Most services are provided for $50 per visitation, including certification of documents as well as notarization of sworn oath documents.

Vital Statistics Office Moves to 1445 Park Street

Vital Statistics, the department of the Government of Saskatchewan that handles the registration of marriages changed on June 17, 2013. Vital Statistics is now a part of eHealth Saskatchewan. It has moved to new premises.  Vital Statistics has been situated at 1445 Park Street (near Park St. and Dewdney Avenue) in Regina. The phone number is 1-855-347-5465 and their web page address is a part of Should anyone have any questions simply contact the Customer Support Team at email  The office of the Marriage Unit (of Saskatchewan Justice) continues to be located at 323, 3085 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 0B1 (787-3869)